Rewrites of my Graphic Novel are Complete

So, just in time to begin the new position at work, I’ve completed the rewrites of my graphic novel. Now I’m passing it off to my husband, who will be doing the art for it, and he will read through it and probably make suggestions for what will work better visually. Then we’ll begin picking away at it until we have enough pages done to decide how we’re going to release it to the world, still several years away most likely.

It feels good. Nothing ever comes as fast as I want it to, but when it does finally happen, it feels really good.

Progress on my Novella-in-progress

My husband read my manuscript, and we had a long discussion about it during our holiday travels.  He confirmed a couple of things my beta reader had picked up on and then expanded on those ideas.  He asked me questions, some of which I need to come up with the answers to still, and after thinking about our conversation and going over his notes, I have a rough idea of what I want to do for this story.

Firstly, I’m keeping it in the tense that it’s currently in, and I will be attempting to lift the remainder of the story to the level of polish and style that is in the first chapter.  Secondly, elements that I introduce in the first chapter will need to be reintroduced throughout the story.  I spend a lot of time building up my female protagonist and then don’t really touch it during the action of the story.  Thirdly, I need to uncover the magic and personality in one of my supporting characters.  Right now, he’s a guardian/protector for a group of other magical creatures, but beyond that role of guardian, I don’t really know who he is or what he was in the past.

We are going on a writers’ retreat this weekend (with my son, so my husband and I will be tag-teaming and maybe relying on DVDs/Netflix a little to get work done), and my hope is to completely finish the next draft by the end of the weekend.  We’ll have to see how it goes.