Update on Creative Workings

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what I’ve been working on, so I thought I would pop by and do that. Everything is taking much longer than I’ve wanted it to with my personal projects, but I’ve come to expect that in my life of parenting and freelancing.

Art – I’ve been working on colored pencil illustrations for my next poetry collection, which will be a sampling of my poetry on love. I hope to finish these up in the next couple of weeks and begin prepping the book for publication. I’m also in the middle of my first big illustration in a while to accompany my Humpty Dumpty poem, which I posted a couple in progress pics on my Instagram account. I’m really hoping to finish that one up this week. And I’ve started working on art because I want to try my hand at designing fabric, so I probably won’t be posting any of that here.

Music – After the success of fully putting down on paper my first song in years, I had hoped that the process would get easier, but my next song is proving difficult, and I am scrapping what I’ve started to rewrite part of it. As I have nothing really planned yet for my music, I want to take the time to get it the way I really want it. I also am starting to do my vocal exercises and play my flute more regularly, which is important. I really want to find a way to be making music more a part of my life again. It’s just one of those things that got put on hold when both my kids were young and we were in transition. But it is still one of the easiest ways for me to center myself and decompress.

Writing – I have been chipping away at both a new short story that I want to shop around and my novel. While I can’t always find the time to write every day, I’ve recently been writing longer chunks when I do sit down, so hopefully I can continue growing that. I’m also continuing to produce poems and pieces for another couple collections I’m working toward. I want to try submitting some poems places too, but that means I can’t share them here, and that is tough for me.

Other creative stuff I’m currently sewing a gift for someone that I’m really excited about, and I’ve been doing a lot of work with building my sewing and costuming work, which is good because this is where my money is coming in.

So slow progress is better than no progress, and as I come off of my contract job, I’m looking forward to having a few weeks of more time before the next contract really takes off. I am also going to try to post here more regularly again, but we shall see how that goes.

I Wrote a Thing!

I wrote a short story that is going to be included in a children’s story collection about Kindness! I used this illustration I made years ago as inspiration.

Spring Hope

As soon as I get more details, I will share with you.

It felt really good to write the story, to have a solid deadline of when it had to be finished, and to get it out into the world. My hope going forward is to get one short story written a month in addition to continuing on with my novel, because it makes me feel accomplished to “finish” something regularly, and maybe after I get enough done, I’ll make a print collection out of them along with Penumbra. We’ll have to see.


Why I Love Being Indie…

I have started a short story that I plan on releasing for free.  It has a compelling character, a strong first line, and an interesting premise.  But I have NO IDEA if this story will lean towards horror or romance or a classical fairy tale.  And that’s great!  I can allow the story to progress how it wants to.

As an indie author, I don’t have to stress about fitting my stories into a particular mold.  While I care about the marketability of my work, I don’t need to worry about it up front.  I don’t have other people telling me that what I’m writing isn’t selling this year so I need to “tweak” it to be something it was never meant to be.  There is glorious freedom.

I mustn’t let that freedom go to my head, though.

Checking In with All Things Creative

I have two blog posts queued in my brain: I’ve been nominated/tagged to answer some questions and one that’s a list of helpful tips I’ve learned in readying “Penumbra” for release.  But my brain doesn’t want to play ball right now on the whole thinking front, so I figure I would just check in with myself and all of you on my various projects and plans.

Writing“Penumbra” is finally released.  It felt like pulling teeth at times to get this out, but it is done.  It really does seem like my work has just begun, though, as I now have to try to get word of it out and about.  I’ve decided to NOT release a print version, given how short the story ended up being (less than 13,000 words), but instead I’ll save it for an eventual collection.

I’ve begun the early research/inspiration stage on several short stories.  I have a series of twelve short stories that I’d like to write and release for free over a twelve-month period, but I want to have at least four of them completed before even committing to a release date.  At the end of the year (whenever that starts), I will release the collection as both an ebook and a print copy, including an extra short story that ties them all together.  But there might be a couple of short stories that need to be written before I dive into that long-term project.

While I’m making notes on short stories and deciding what needs to be written first, I am also diving into my graphic novel project next week.  Again, I don’t want to talk to much about specifics, because this is a project that is still a couple of years from release.  I’d estimate myself at about 1/4 way through the first draft, and I just really need to power through.

Art – I have finished the inking on two of my eight illustrations for my poetry collection.  This is taking FAR longer than anticipated because of how detailed I am getting, and since I am starting a two evening per week long-term freelance project, I’m not really sure how long it will take me to complete these darn things.  But progress is being made!  Next week, I’ll post pictures of my almost finished (except for white highlights) “Sword of Truth” illustration.

I’m very excited about my next couple of long-term art projects that I’ll be making and releasing under the Kat Micari name.  Not looking forward to setting up an Etsy and DeviantArt account, just because it’s one more thing to worry about maintaining, but that is the price for being an independent business-minded creator.

I have been woefully remiss in my daily sketching, however.  I need to make this a habit.  Something to work towards still.

Music – I have played music all but one day in the past week, for at least twenty minutes each time!  I am already calling it my “Sacred Time”.  I am, quite frankly, impressed by the tone I am able to draw out of my flute after all this time has passed.  My son occasionally sings along while I play, which is adorable.  My fingers are a little stiff this week because of the constantly shifting temperatures and weather, but my piano playing and singing is progressing along as well.  I’m looking forward to really focusing in on my own music starting next week.