Learning the Uke – Hold Me

This is my attempt to play and sing Hold Me, a popular early 1920’s fox trot. The chord changes are quite difficult, and I have had more fun playing this on the piano, but I am happy to have learned a lot of new chords on the ukulele with this one. Now to just get my fingers to move faster.

I know I haven’t been posting these as fast as I’d like. I’m going to try to be a little more vigilant, but with both kids being home for the near future with the self isolation, I don’t have enough time for a lot of personal projects. We shall see how it goes in the future. And I am glad to have the extra time with my kiddos, so there is that.

Internal Progress

I video recorded myself playing piano and singing two songs the other night and then watched it. And I was able to not be too overly critical of myself. Which is huge progress. My perfectionist streak which I’ve battled for years to channel into productive paths has gotten in my way a lot, as has stage fright that rose up sometime between undergrad and grad school, so the fact that I didn’t cringe or shy away from myself is a very big deal.

The songs were two I worked on with my voice teacher last year – a Joan Baez song and one from the musical The Scarlet Pimpernel, so I knew I had certain nuances down before I even started playing. The next step will be to record myself playing my own music, and at that point, I can let the perfectionist out a little for tweaking purposes.

Music is so important for healing. I’ve said it often that it is the one area I’ve felt a lack in my life since leaving undergrad. So I’m glad I can introduce it into my life again.