Lose the Fear

I’ve started my first big project at work since coming back from my maternity leave, and I’m in the sketching phase now and very quickly have to finalize ideas (by next Tuesday). And normally during this phase, I get a little anxious about communicating my ideas clearly via my artwork or committing too quickly to ideas that may not work as well as I want with the time and budget constraints that I deal with. But not this time. Maybe it’s an adjusted life attitude now that I’m a mom of two, maybe it’s the lack of sleep from dealing with a teething baby, maybe it’s the changes that are being made at my place of employment, but I feel really good about everything.

It doesn’t always feel this way. Even after creating a work, I’ve had doubts. Every time I’ve shared a painting or a poem, every time I upload something to try and sell on Fine Art America, I’ve felt a twinge of fear.

Creating should feel good. We shouldn’t fear the process, and we shouldn’t fear sharing the creation, but accept that it is what it is. We should move with the flow rather than fight against it as much as we possibly can because it is healthier for us as creatives to do so. The tortured artist stereotype does not have to be a reality because the truth is that we are our own torturers.

So lose the fear. Do what you can when you can, and that is more than enough.

Pencil Sketches

I went to a Drink N’Draw last night with a friend of mine, and these are the results.

IMG_0402 IMG_0404

Overall, I’m satisfied with the body, but not with the face. This is the same model, and clearly they don’t look like the same woman. Funny enough, the model turned out to be the little sister of a really good friend of mine, someone I haven’t seen since my friend’s wedding in 2009. So that was a fun happenstance! And also maybe why I’m unsatisfied with her face. I think it’s more difficult to use someone I know personally as a model. And drawing myself, forget about it. I never think it looks like me.

In other art news, I’ve decided to just insert my work into a makeshift gallery on my art page rather than link to Deviant Art, as Deviant Art’s new way of operating is annoying me. It will be a little clunky because this particular WordPress theme doesn’t do fancy galleries, but it will suffice for what I want and need right now. So expect that soon!

Figure Drawing Sketch – Reclining Woman


I’ve started sketching in meetings when the topics turn to items that don’t involve me. Part of my efforts to really make all available use of the time I have. Fortunately, my work is in an artistic environment, and no one is going to get offended by my drawing naked people out of my figure drawing book.

This pose is tougher than appears, and I relied on my eraser more than I should have. But I kept getting distracted.

A Quick Sketch


A Quick Sketch

I’ve begun sketching again at my contract gig, and I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it. I’m not sure who this is, but there may be a story about her somewhere in my head.

I also have begun doing some life drawing exercises because I’ve forgotten some of what I learned back in grad school. I’ve got a new project to start once I get the illustrated poetry collection out so I want to brush up my skills.