Spring has Sprung, Time to Get Outside!

I did my morning pages and began editing my graphic novel draft sitting on the front steps this morning for the second time this season. Coffee next to me, sun hitting me full on… it felt glorious. And I am resolving here and now to do that every morning that I possibly can.

I’ve spoken before about how important being near water is to me, but being outside in general is something that I never realized how much I needed until I grew up. It took moving to CA to really appreciate the greenness of the northeast. And since developing a homemade bug repellent last summer that I really like, I find myself happy meandering woodland trails and soaking in scenic sights.

We’ve discussed purchasing a seasonal NYS park pass this year. I want to try to get to our local state park almost weekly with my son, and we’ll pick different localish places to go on day trips. And the season pass is so reasonably priced.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get to the point where I can wilderness camp for weeks at a time. I like my flush toilets and my warm/hot showers. But we’ll have to see.

Springtime is (Nearly) Here…

Today, even as we brace ourselves for more snow, I am ready to welcome Spring.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had a personal awakening two weeks ago or if I’m sensing the transition in the Earth itself, but I am set to grow in the coming season.

I would like to have better ways to mark the transition of the seasons and the passing of time, but my one ritual I perform is swapping over perfume oils so that the scents I wear are reflective of how I feel about the season.  So I did that this weekend.  Back when I had a disposable income, I treated myself to sample packs of high quality oils and purchased several large bottles where they always throw in samples along with your purchase.  Over the years, I’ve weeded out and re-gifted what doesn’t smell great on me (I cannot wear patchouli except in very miniscule amounts in a few blends as it tends to fade to the scent of wet & moldy moss on my skin), but each of my seasonal collections has 20 to 25 different options, so those little samples are really lasting a long time.  This fall, I will finally need to purchase two or three full size bottles of a couple of favorite samples as they are now gone, if our financial situation improves by then (Maybe part of my birthday present in August?  Although I really want a beginner oil-painting set too.).

Anyway, spring scents!  My choices for spring tend to be light floral or citrus blends, gentle musks, or food-inspired blends that smell like yummy spring time desserts.  And here are the shops I get my oils from.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/  This is where the bulk of my collection comes from.  I actually lived in N. Hollywood for a year and was able to go to several of their open houses.  I love their themes.

The Misery/Love Company  http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheMiseryLoveCo/sold?ref=shopinfo_sales_leftnav This is a personal friend of mine, and while her shop is currently on vacation, I really love her work.  Her perfumes are very food-based, which I adore.  Martha from “The Secret Garden” is an all-time favorite.

Woobie http://woobiebath.highwire.com/  I ordered the now discontinued “The Wizard of Oz” line from Woobie because it’s been my favorite movie since I was two years old and I chose a handful of other imps to try as well.  The Woobie scents were much more hit or miss on my skin, but I have several that I really like from them.

ZOMG Perfumes http://woobiebath.highwire.com/  I was gifted with a few Girl Genius scents from this site along with a couple other samples, and I hope to get more when I have some fun money again.  Girl Genius  http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/ is probably my favorite web comic out there.

Do you have any small ways you welcome in new seasons?  Let me know!