Ophelia’s Tears – a poem

I am drowning in my tears.
No way to stem the flood.
The sandbags of my mind
Were breached long ago.

I am drowning in my tears,
Weeping for the world.
Weeping for humanity.
Eternal mother and daughter,
Warrior queen, virgin sacrifice,
And holy prostitute
Intertwine, each betrayed.
Five voices cry out as one
As the saline river flows on.

I am drowning in my tears,
And I float above it all.
Distant, drifting…
Sweet asphyxiation.

Kat Micari
Copyright 2007

For Every Two Steps Forward, There’s a Step Back

My interview today wound up actually being a pre-interview, ten minutes in length, to ascertain whether or not I was still interested in working with this company. Because the person had already looked at my online portfolio, they didn’t even bother having me show them the immaculate work I had done setting up my physical portfolio. Hours of work prepping the portfolio (not to mention money I couldn’t really afford to be spending to print pictures), dressed to the nines, hair and makeup perfect, and I could have worn jeans and not stressed at all. BUT they are still interested, I got to drop off my physical resume with actual references for the head honcho, and as we were gifted with free theater tickets for tonight, I won’t have to waste time later on hair and makeup. Now I’ll probably be waiting a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I entered into talks with another shop for freelance work that has phenomenal reviews, and hopefully that will prove fruitful. I’d rather make slightly less money guilt-free (and potentially not have to get liability insurance) than worry about being connected with a less-than-honest corporation. But still, we’re in early stages here.

I’m in a hurry up and wait period right now, and, as a creature of action, I hate waiting. But I will grin and bear it.

Excitingly, though, one of my illustrations (Tears) was included in this beautiful treasury on Etsy – Brave: Brain Storm. ┬áIt really is a deep and thoughtful collection of images.