Mary’s Lamb, a horror piece

I meant to post this yesterday! Hope you enjoy.

Mary’s Lamb

  • Mary’s lamb developed
  • A taste for red meat
  • And his stained mouth
  • Made a nice contrast
  • To the fleece white as snow.
  • He became the stuff
  • Of children’s nightmares
  • And grown men ran
  • In terror
  • Whenever his bleats were heard.
  • The day he followed
  • Mary to school
  • Was one of infamy
  • And the ensuing bloodbath
  • Kept the population
  • Up at night.
  • Mary was not held culpable
  • For her sheep’s actions
  • But secretly she felt
  • The same yearning
  • Within.

By Kat Miacri, copyright 2018