Signs Along the Way

I finally made a sale over at my Fine Art America gallery, a greeting card of this painting. The email notifying me of the sale took me by surprise, honestly, a pleasant surprise at that. The dollar amount is meaningless, but it was a poke to me that someone saw my art enough to enjoy it and want to take it home.

As I posted the image above, my 4 year old came over and sat in my lap and said “Oh my god, mommy, that’s a really good painting!” (My 10 year old has picked up “oh my god” from his classmates, so now of course the 4 year old is saying it, too.) Then she wanted to see some of my other artwork, so I showed her the Gallery page, and I felt another little poke.

There aren’t enough hours in the day, and I only recently recommitted to taking care of my own health and well-being again, which has to be a priority so I can have more to give to others. But with that, I hope the energy I have been lacking will come back to carve a little more time out for creating and sharing here. I’ve been missing it a lot.

When Two Hearts Become One – a painting

Copyright 2015, Kat Micari

Copyright 2015, Kat Micari

This is one of my practice gouache, the simplest of the four so it is the first one I finished! I’ll be taking a better scan of it later this week. I was focusing on different shading and blending techniques in this one.

I wound up not picking up the extra freelance job, so I spent a lot of time last week recuperating and relaxing, slowly easing back into things, until I started getting bored and feeling guilty for not being productive. Now I’m ready to get busy again, both at work and for my personal projects. It seems I have only two speeds – 180 mph and not moving at all. Someday maybe I’ll find an actual steady pace to accomplish my goals, but that time is not now.