A Couple Visualizations

The world has seemed especially bleak lately, hasn’t it? Disturbing videos, articles and op-ed pieces pointing fingers and hurling blame for every societal ill we face, people becoming inundated with guilt and fear and hatred, our so-called leaders and the elite growing more open in their hatred of the general population by the minute it seems. It’s a lot to process, perhaps even too much to process all at once. Which is how it’s designed to be, right? Keep us spinning until we’re dizzy and then we’re just grateful for the slight pauses to catch our breath.

To ground myself and not get sucked in by the chaos, I keep two visualizations in mind. First, each individual person is a drop in the ocean of humanity. So that image of myself as a drop of water in the sea keeps me humble and allows me to go a little easier on myself because a drop of water is sometimes swept along with the collective chaos of the sea. It’s okay to let myself go with the current at times. But a drop of water is also strong. It can continuously purify itself if it gets contaminated through the process of evaporation, always returning back to it’s original molecules. It can shape stone over time, especially when working with other drops. It is the source of life on this planet.

The other visualization is remembering that humans are made of the same stuff of stars, as Carl Sagan famously said. The star I visualize being from originally is a big blue one. This helps me keep my higher self in mind and not give into the pettiness and despair as often as I sometimes feel pulled to. Also, I’ve been working on this visualization to give myself permission to shine. We all should shine as brightly as we are able and not let fear dim our lights.

Do you have any visualizations that you have been working with lately to further your creativity/productivity and keep yourself from sinking too deep into the current muck and mire of modern life?


Creative Growth – “Seeing With the Mind’s Eye” by Michael and Nancy Samuels

I am working my way through Seeing With the Mind’s Eye again, something I haven’t done since my first year of grad school.  While it’s dated (from a much freer time, actually, when it was almost socially acceptable to experiment with hallucinogenics and sex in certain circles – but our return to Puritanism is a whole other topic), the exercises and explanations are extremely helpful for opening yourself up.

For the past week, I’ve been practicing changing the color of a 3D sphere in my mind, coupled with deep breathing.  Last night, after doing a combination of relaxation techniques from this book and the Cayce method (which I learned last year from this site), I was able to “travel” for the first time during a meditation in almost eight years.  It was a memory journey, bringing me to the coast of Oregon.  Wonderfully vivid and relaxing.

I highly recommend this book for those searching to delve deeper into their creative selves and tap the inner workings of their mind.  Especially when you can get used copies really inexpensively.